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Bloodworms As Fish Food

Fish Food

Food Value

Bloodworms are a high protein meals. About 60 percentage of their dry count is protein. This is comparable with Tubifex worms. Fish ate up both live or frozen bloodworms have a tendency to develop quick. Bloodworms are an great conditioning food for making ready fish for breeding.

Frozen Bloodworms

Frozen Bloodworms are a effortlessly available and fairly reasonably-priced shape of fish food. It is simple to complement your dry fish food with frozen Bloodworms, and fish typically love them.

Small Fish

I frequently feed frozen Bloodworms to fish as small as 2 cm (Less than an inch) lengthy Neon Tetras and White Cloud Mountain Minnows. They have no trouble ingesting the food and grow quick.


Although I even have not had problems with Bloodworms myself, it is best reasonable to set down a few that other humans have had.


One boy misplaced some fish feeding bloodworms that had been thawed and allowed to warm up; he changed into nicely privy to the way to appearance after frozen meals. But he did no longer discover till afterwards what had passed off to the Bloodworms in advance. This isn’t always some thing limited to bloodworms, but applies to all frozen food whether fed to Animals or People. Frozen food need to be kept frozen until it’s far going for use, and ought to now not be refrozen.

Over Feeding

Again this problem isn’t limited to bloodworms, however it is possible to overfeed with maximum sorts of food. Because fish like Bloodworms loads, people occasionally deliver them too much and dangerously reduce the water exceptional. Related to that is the use of Bloodworms as almost the simplest meals, rather than as part of a varied weight loss plan.

Food Value

Although Bloodworms are an top notch food, they should not be the only meals fed. Fish and maximum animals want a diffusion of meals. Just as I do now not endorse that ปลา สลิด ทอด fish be fed simplest on flakes, I do now not advocate that Bloodworms be the handiest food fed. Turtles are frequently ate up Bloodworms; they love them. But Bloodworms are instead low in Calcium and other meals should also be given for your Turtle.

Indigestible Parts

Dr Jim Greenwood B.V.Sc. Of Canterbury Veterinary Clinic Canterbury, Victoria has suggested that the larger types of bloodworm which can be imported and bought frozen should now not be fed to Discus, Rainbows and a few tetras due to the fact the Chitinous parts of the bloodworms can block up their digestive systems. Other people have observed troubles which probably have the identical motive. I even have fed imported Bloodworms to all the types of fish he mentions and have had no trouble, however seemingly Dr. Greenwood and some different humans have. Possibly the people who’ve had this form of trouble fed a better percentage of Bloodworms and less different food to their fish than I do.

Unsanitary Conditions

In some nations where Bloodworms are produced for export, the water they stay in is very bad looking, and a few people trust the frozen Bloodworms aren’t secure. All the Bloodworms imported into Australia are sterilized via Gamma Radiation. I presume that nations just like the United States may also use an powerful technique of sterilization.

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