Greece Holidays Succeed in Satisfying All Sorts of Travellers

Although Greece and holidays go hand-in-hand, the country has been slightly eclipsed in recent years by the growth of new tourism destinations such as Greece’s old rival Turkey, and Croatia. However, Greece holidays still retain the ability to tempt, with their combination of history, culture and sun-soaked relaxation Greece holidays.

Built upon myth and legend, Greece and its islands are bursting with places of beauty and interest. Visitors can choose to unwind on its beaches, explore its rich history or discover its many unspoilt villages. Greece is a gastronomic delight as well, with delicious eating and drinking opportunities wherever you go.

For someone who wants an interesting city break, the ancient city of Athens is hard to beat. Athens boasts the Acropolis and the ruins of the Parthenon, where the classical city state practiced its rites to the goddess Athena. The city also has a host of other ancient monuments and sights, plus museums, shops and exciting nightlife.

For many people, Greece holidays are synonymous with visits to one of the many Aegean or Ionian islands – Kos, Samos and Santorini are great examples – with beautiful beaches and countryside to explore. There are fishing expeditions to go on, or simply take one of the boat trips to experience the blue waters of the Aegean.

Crete and Rhodes are among the larger islands, and they are fast gaining a reputation for partying – so much so that younger visitors head there in droves for their nightclubs.

Conversely, the Ionian island of Corfu is often visited by older travellers, curious to see the beautiful countryside and wildlife described so vividly by the naturalist Gerald Durrell in his classic book My Family and Other Animals. They are rarely disappointed – Corfu is carpeted with thickly pine forested mountains and sandy coves.

All indications are that, as the economic situation improves and the pound gains in strength this year, Greece holidays will be back on the agenda for thousands of British travellers. Budget airlines such as easyJet have already announced that they are launching extra routes to the Greek islands of Crete, Kos and Zakynthos in May and there are a large variety of great value packages available for travel and accommodation.

Greece holidays are synonymous for generations of satisfied travellers. It seems that the destination will prove just as attractive for generations more.

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