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Feng Shui and Animals

As we observe the animal world around us be esa letter pets or animals inside the wild we will see what becalms them and what agitates. The animal is especially open to the glide of chi within the universe because they do now not use conscious thought. That is to mention they do now not have the potential to select what involves mind it is chosen for them by instinct and environment. The human alternatively can direct mind they are able to deal with negative thoughts by preference if they may be of wholesome mind.

Some years ago our circle of relatives had a pet cat and it become bonded in particular with my daughter. Whenever Helen was at the phone Sheba the cat would side up to her and whinge in her ear. This pattern might hold till the phone become hung up. We could watch this antic of this little animal and its view of the world and in my mind I could sense that something became out of stability and out of concord every time this telephone changed into spoke back.

Some years later Sheba become badly injured and I hurriedly took her to the vet. We needed to watch for a few hour because it become past due at night and the vet had to make a special visit. During this time I held Sheba and began to calm the environment around us with a mantra. The little animal got here becalmed and even though the injuries had been quite severe she recovered and lived again. For the animal the chi of the universe changed into being blocked by means of a smartphone name and being invoked and channelled through a mantra. This became no small occasion because the vet had said she couldn’t live with such awful injuries.

It exciting how family pets choose the high floor within the house. They get on pianos and tabletops and unique places within the house in which they are maximum relaxed. Is this now not due to the fact they discover the power of chi maximum found in those spots. Energy, which meets their instincts and environmental wishes from evolutionary times? The animal is drawn to what’s stunning and harmonious. The respond to even sacred gadgets, which might be in the house. St Francis the client Saint of animals is the precise choice of saintly shrine inside the home They also love small flora and feature superb attraction to mirrors, which satisfy their curiosity and their feel of harmony for mirrors growth the chi within the environment.

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